IMG_8893This month I’m headed to Spain for a solo tour and looking forward to concerts in Vigo, Burgos, Segovia, Zaragoza, Albacete and Madrid! The tour ends in Vilanova, Catalonia where I’ll perform along with Of Montreal, Iron & Wine, Josh Rouse and They Might Be Giants. Check the ‘Tour’ page for more info!

In other news Bart & The Bedazzled have a new video out for ‘Halloween By The Sea’, directed by Just Frahm and starring myself, Sarah Bethe Nelson and Jamin Barton. Tim Carr at L.A. Record had this to say: “This beautifully clear black-and-white video by director Justin Frahm—a beach and a beach town, with all the people gone and only memories left, which makes it more an On The Beach town—deftly underscores that strange kind of isolated mood, like a arthouse version of one of those Twilight Zone “Where is everybody?” episodes.”

‘Blue Motel’ now available on LP, CD, download and cassette tape! Buy them HERE!

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On The Road!

Bart & The Bedazzled are currently touring the west coast! That’s right, Oregon, Washington and California! Check this tour poster for your city and if you need more details, check the ‘tour’ page…

bart tour final

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Bart & The Bedazzled

IMG_1226I’m happy to announce that my next album, ‘Blue Motel’ (coming April 27 on Lovemonk/Legere) will be released under the new band name Bart & The Bedazzled! Its been a long time coming. Jessica Espeleta, Andres Renteria and Wayne Faler have been an integral bart of the music, even going back to the last album, ‘Physical World’. We’ll be playing record release shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles and other west coast cities in April. So look out for that! There’s also a music video in the works directed by our dear pal Cassandra Lee Hamilton! On the left there’s a photo from the shoot. Note: the green screen! Gonna be some special affects behind us!


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IMG_1212_3There’s a new Bart Davenport record in the works! In fact, I just finished tracking at Palomino Sound in Boyle Heights. Eleven solid slabs of song were tracked utilizing the indispensable crew of Jessica Espeleta (bass), Andres Renteria (drums, drum machines & percussion) and Wayne Faler (guitar) along with special guests Nedelle Torrisi (backing vocals) and Billy McShane (Saxophone). I also could not have done it without producer Aaron Olson (L.A. Takedown) whose arrangement skills and synth playing give the record an unusual feel unlike anything I’ve done before. Big thanks to Lovemonk Records for making it happen! Look for it sometime in early 2018!

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Valentine’s Day show in Lincoln Heights featuring Bart D, Papercuts, Karina Denike, Nedelle Torrisi Love Advice and more!


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Hey LA!

The Bart Davenport Band will perform in Los Angeles soon at El Cid with L.A. Takedown and Michael Stasis….

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May 18 Bart opens for Jonathan!

Tickets available here:

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Bart D. vs Limboos!

Back in December, I was invited by Estrella Galicia to do a session in their studio. I said yes, so long as I could record with LOS LIMBOOS, a fantastic group I saw the year before, backing up my pal Jack Rivera at Purple Weekend. Well, Estrella Galicia agreed as did the Limboos and the lovely results of that session have finally been posted! Be sure to check out me and the band performing ‘Pamela’! To see it on YouTube, CLICK HERE!

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I’m off to Spain again soon! First to Punta Paloma (where the Incarnations record was tracked) for recording sessions with Pajaro Sunrise, a terrific singer songwriter who’s asked me to co-produce. Then, starting in Barcelona on December 18, there will be an acoustic tour of Spain finished off by a first time ever concert in Rome Italy! Check for dates, cities and other info on the ‘Tour’ page!

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There will be several acoustic shows in August-September including the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco Sept 17. Also, the full band will perform in Los Angeles at Pehrspace with LA Takedown Aug 15. Checkout the ‘Tour’ page for more details!

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