Bart Davenport - Searching For Bart Davenport (2011)

  1. Come On, Let’s Go (Broadcast)
  2. Cayman Islands (Kings of Convenience)
  3. Maria Bethania (Caetano Veloso)
  4. I Think I Had No Arms (Sandycoates)
  5. You Get Brighter (Incredible String Band)
  6. Autumn Lullaby (Bridget St. John)
  7. Wonder People (I Do Wonder) (Love/Arthur Lee)
  8. Everyone’s In Love With You (David Byrne)
  9. Ramblin’s Gonna Be The Death of Me (Bert Jansch)
  10. Blues Run the Game (Jackson C. Frank)
  11. In The Dark (The Changes)
  12. Better Days Ahead (Gil Scott-Heron)

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